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(USITJOBS) Middle Ware Codings,C Apti and Events Details!!!!

Latest Updates of Conferences & Events Given Below-Get Now

job details VPS Hosting

job details GATE 2013

job details SAP Certifications

job detailsMicroHosting

job details Microsoft Cloud Computing -Learn Cloud Computing Details

YOTTA'12- Information Technology from Velammal College of Engineering and Technology

E war 12 is one the most awaited EEE national technical symposium to inspire and innovate engineers.-Velammal college of engineering and technology ,Madurai

CISABZ '12 is a national level technical symposium organized by the department of computer science and engineering of kings college of engineering


Civiclan - A National Level Technical Symposium organized by the Department of Civil Engineering of B.S.ABDUR RAHMAN University, Chennai-48.

COMBUSTED 2012-Department of Mechanical Engineers & Society of Mechanical Engineers(SME), SRM University,Ramapuram,Chennai

Department of Economics, Christ University, Bangalore organizing a Three-Day Workshop on "Time-Series Modeling and Forecasting" -Department of Economics, Christ University-Bangalore

SriGuru Institute of Technology,Coimbatore "EEE DEPARTMENT" Proudly Presents National Level Technical Symposium "ELEKTROGENIC'12"

Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai,Erode,Department Of Computer Technology – PG Proudly presents Enfoque 2012,

Cloud Computing-Microsoft azure and Airtel Clouds Information(s)-Click here

Indian Institute of Technology BombayIITB RESEARCH INTERNSHIP AWARDS 2012-13-Last Date:Sep 20,2012

About The Awards:

IITB Research Internship Award is designed to be an educational and professional research experience. These awards are available for specific research projects. The details of these projects are made available to the candidates so that they can apply for projects of their interest and can prepare themselves well for a rigorous selection procedure. The number of interns will be restricted to the number of projects available. The selected interns are required to work full time for four to six months on the project and will be given a fixed stipend of Rs. 10,000/- per month. Accommodation may be provided subject to availability.

Task Timeline
Last Date for submission of Application form September 20, 2012
Tentative Dates for Interview October 20-30, 2012
Duration of Internship 4 to 6 months between December 2012 to June 2013

BootFete 2k12 is the brain child of Department of Computer Applications, Bishop Heber College -Trichy

Middle Ware Codings

Name Of The Program Codings
1. Create a distributed application to download various files from various servers using RMI
Get Code
2. Create a java bean to draw various graphical shapes and display it using or without using BDK.
Get Code
3. Develop an Enterprise Java Bean for banking operations
Get Code
4. Develop an Enterprise Java Bean for Library operations
Get Code
5. Create an Active- X control for file operations.
Get Code
6. Develop a component for converting the currency values using COM/. NET
Get Code
7. Develop a component for encryption and decryption using COM/. NET
Get Code
8. Develop a component for retrieving information from message box using DCOM/.NET
Get Code
9. Develop a middleware component for retrieving Stock Market Exchange information using CORBA
Get Code
10. Develop a middleware component for retrieving Weather Forecast information using CORBA.
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Middle Ware Viva Voce Questions
Get Code

C Aptitude Codings

Name Of The Program Codings
C Aptitude Questions-1
Get Code
C Aptitude Questions-2
Get Code
C Aptitude Questions-3
Get Code
C Aptitude Questions-4
Get Code
C Aptitude Questions-5
Get Code
C Aptitude Questions-6
Get Code
C Aptitude Questions-7
Get Code
C Aptitude Questions-8
Get Code
C Aptitude Questions-9
Get Code
C Aptitude Questions-10
Get Code
C Aptitude Questions-11
Get Code
C Aptitude Questions-12
Get Code
C Aptitude Questions-13
Get Code
C Aptitude Questions-14
Get Code
C Aptitude Questions-15
Get Code
C Aptitude Questions-16
Get Code
C Aptitude Questions-17
Get Code
C Aptitude Questions-18
Get Code
C Aptitude Questions-19
Get Code

Certifications Details

Sun Java Certifications

Red-Hat(Linux) Certification

Oracle Certifications

Cisco(CCNA) Network Certifications

Microsoft(.Net) Certifications

SAP Certifications

.NET Projects

Java Projects

PHP Projects

Lecture Notes and Scholarships & Question papers

Aeronautical Engineering-Lecture Notes

Automobile Engineering-Lecture Notes

Bio-Medical Engineering-Lecture Notes

Biotechnology-Lecture Notes

Civil Engineering-Lecture Notes

Computer Science Engineering-Lecture Notes

ECE-Lecture Notes

EEE-Lecture Notes

Information technology-Lecture Notes

MBA-Lecture Notes

MCA-Lecture Notes

Mechanical Engineering-Lecture Notes

Indian Economic Service-Question Papers

GATE-Question Papers

Indian Engineering Service Question Papers

JAM-Question Papers

UPSC-Main Question Papers

Premier Institutions Admission Procedures

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